Q&A with DVSA on post-lockdown planning

In this special webinar Carly and Olivia will be joined by Mike Warner, senior external affairs manager, and John Sheridan, driver training policy manager at the DVSA. They will look forward to the lifting of lockdown restrictions and a return to training and testing. The panel will discuss DVSA’s plans to resume services, offer advice on how to best get your pupils and business up and running again, take your questions and hear your concerns about returning to the road.

How are we coping with COVID?

15 October 2020 | 11:00AM
In this week’s webinar Olivia and Howard will be discussing how the industry is coping with COVID-19. They will put forward a series of questions to those watching and discuss the answers that are given, providing any guidance they can on the challenges you are facing.

How COVID compliant are you?

In this webinar Olivia and Howard will be discussing the new procedures driver and rider trainers have to follow. They will look at what new legislation is relevant to driver and rider trainers and what these new policies and procedures have been based on.

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DIA Academy response to COVID-19